This is a demo of the "library on a flash drive" product - search works, but the actual ebooks aren't available. The goal of the flash drive is to be self contained. No Internet access is required with the flash drive. The search functions work offline just as they work here, but the 22 Gigabytes of ebooks (20,000+) aren't available on this demo site.

There are multiple options for reading "ebooks" - Calibre is very nice.

Both Amazon.com (search for Kindle software) and Barnes & Noble publish software to emulate their ereader/tablet products.

If you are looking for an ereader/tablet the Kindle Fire is nice -- and so is B&N's nook product (I've owned and used both over the years)

Files in this library are either compressed text or html files saved with a .zip extension. You will want to exctract the files before use - 7 zip is nice if your OS of choice doesn't gracefully handle zip files. There are also epub (B&N nook, iPad/iPhone) and mobi (Kindle) files.

Search by Author, Subject, or Title below - the search option in the menubar (top right) will search all three categories at the same time.

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